About us


Our Story

With a love for creativity, crafts and all things pretty and cute, Big mouse Little bear was founded by a stay at home mom of two and her husband, who happens to own a carpentry workshop. We worked together to start our family business and bring these items to life. We've thoroughly enjoyed the process of bringing this range to you and we hope the love and dedication that went into it shows in our work. 🖤

Our Name

We welcomed our daughter to our family in 2015. So soft, petite and timid (at first), she was affectionately called our 'little mouse'. Four years later, our little mouse was not as little anymore and we welcomed our son. Busy, curious, adventurous and wild, much like a little bear cub. Big sister, little brother. That's how Big mouse Little Bear came to be. 

Now that you know a bit more about us, we hope you and your little ones love our range as much as we've loved bringing it to you.