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Personalize your items by adding your child's name. Names can be added to almost any item from our range. They are cut out of wood and sprayed in the colour of your choice. 

Select your size according to the item it is going onto. Select your colour. Leave a note at checkout letting us know the name (please ensure spelling is correct) and where you would like it placed. We'll contact you with font options when your order is in production.

How to leave a note:

Add item to your cart. Click on your Cart. Click "Add a note to your order". A box will appear where you can leave special instructions for the seller. This box only appears when you select Add to Cart on the product page (don't click Buy Now).


10cm x 20 cm (kitchens, Writing desk, Easels, boxes in storage bench, Teepee hangrail, Jamie shelf)

20cm x 30cm (book table, truck toy chest, house desk, house shelves, boat toy chest)